Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So we're kinda boring right now

Hey Guys

So we're kinda boring right now. Not too much is happening in our lives. Both Randy and I are both going to school and working full time to save up for our house, which officially has a closing date! September 19, 2008 at 12:00 pm! Yay! So at just under 3 weeks, we are surviving living on top of ourselves in moms old sewing room. Yep the tiny yellow room downstairs :) It's been really fun though being at home again. We're really grateful to mom and dad for helping us save some money before we move in.

Anyways, so I thought I'd just put some fun pics on here to update our 2008 thus far. Randy and I had our one year anniversary this year and to celebrate we went to a Resort for the weekend in Scottsdale. We had so much fun!

We also have spent some time up at Randy's parents cottage. It's really pretty up there and we went for a drive and found this really pretty meadow and what would be the coolest hideout as a kid! We also went to the Young parade which was a cute little thing the town put together along with a rodeo.

Other updates are (as if you didn't already know ;) ) we bought a house! We decided we really like hiking, and went a couple of times before Randy hurt his knee while playing basketball. He partially tore his ACL, and had lots of bone bruising and hurt tissue. BUT! He's getting better everyday and we hope he will be all the way better soon so we can keep up with our new goal to exercise three times a week and eat healthier! :)

We also celebrated Randy's 24th birthday, fed some duckies and played at the park, caught some crawdads with Steph and James, Jess and David, went to Mexico for a week, and had our first Valentine's day as a married couple where Randy set up a really sweet dinner for me in our friend's tree house (candle light dinner from Mongolian Grill ;) , roses, and all!)

Needless to say we have had an awesome first year together and are having so much fun being married and in love :)


Natalie said...

First - I'm so excited about your house! Good luck with the move in. Next - your life it totally not boring. You guys are so fun! In the picture with the ducks, are you doing sign language for "more"? Well anyway, you guys are awesome!

Andrea said...

Looks like you guys are having plenty of fun! And I say Randy officially wins the prize for the most romantic - he puts other guys to shame!

meesherkin said...

Haha I wasn't intending to do the sign for more but it looks like it huh? :) Haha I was actually just holding the bread, preparing to throw! Anyways I guess it's true, it does look like you do a lot of stuff when you put it all on here. But really we're not that cool lol, this is over all year. :)
Hey and thanks Ange! I know my husband is so sweet. I love him so much! He's perfect for me :)

Andrea said...

I'm anxious for an update on that house!