Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Putting the House Together

So we've been working long and hard on our house, (well sort of, haha more like slow and steady) and I think it's finally starting to come together! It's been a rough process getting it here though so I thought I'd show you some updates along the way. First, Randy insisted that we put in recessed can lights because it would look SOO much better than a regular lighted fan. Haha I swear he can never do things the easy way. :) So during conference mind you, he took it upon himself to cut out holes in our new ceiling to install these beauties. I must say though, even though it made a mess and looked like a recent snow storm in our living room that he left for me to clean up while he went to priesthood, it actually looks quite nice! We had trouble with the light strobing at first, but now that we've got the right light bulbs, they look awesome and there is no more strobe! Yay! So here's some pics of my handsome husband making a mess. Haha

We also, if you'll notice from the pictures above, had been living with nothing but a chair and lovesack in our front room for like 3 weeks because my husband refused to employ our green couches in our new house. His theory was, if we never brought it in, it would take less time to get a new one! Well he was right, I finally got sick of it and decided we could splurge on a couch. So we were on our way to go get one when Randy's mom called and said their neighbors were having a garage sale next door and they had a sectional out there for $300 that would be perfect! So we went and checked it out, and it WAS perfect! So we bought it and brought it home very excited to have a new couch. That was when we discovered this...

They had dogs!!!!! Boy let me tell you, that thing was covered in hair. When I told mom she said "Gross take it back!" But alas, it was too good a deal, so instead we spent about 20 hours with a lint brush getting off all the hair, vacuuming all inches of it, and then steam cleaning it to get out the stench and dandruff. It was so gross! Randy left some of the concentrated water in the steam cleaner for a day and about died when he opened it to rinse it out.

Ew! We emptied that thing of water just like this about 15 times. Yuck!

Anyways, we got it MOSTLY done, we're just finishing up a few cushions.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hey so I've been Tagged by my sister Natalie, and am supposed to list 6 quirky things about myself. Here goes, sorry it took so long!

1. I am the worst decision maker EVER! My family had no confidence in me that I would be able to plan my wedding during my engagement period, so my sister Andrea and I started thinking and planning what I'd want it to look like about 3 years before I was even CLOSE to getting married. And then when I actually did get engaged, I changed my mind again and took about 2 months of our 3 1/2 month engagement just to decide my colors!

2. Here's what I like to call my compassionate side lol. When I was younger I hated making others feel sad or letting them know when I didn't like things. Two prime examples: everytime I would play my sister Natalie in Monopoly, when I would be winning by a lot, I would feel so bad that she didn't have any money, that I'd give her some of mine until she'd turn the game around and beat me mercilessly. Haha thanks alot Nat! Second, everytime my mom, or anyone for that matter, would buy me clothes that I didn't like, instead of having her take them back and buy me new ones I did like, I'd tell her I really liked them, then hide them in the back of my closet until she'd find them 2 years later with the tags still on.

3. I hate wrinkled sheets on my feet. I think it drives Randy crazy, but every night I pull the bed sheets and blankets tight across the bed so when I slip in it's smooth against my feet. If it's not just right, I feel like I'm being suffocated and have to get out of bed and pull them tight again.

4. I don't really like being the center of attention and therefore often keep quiet in a crowd. Instead, I get my kicks from seeing others succeed. For example, I felt like I had won Jr Miss Arizona when my best friend Lindsey did I was so excited, and everytime I watched someone get a gold medal during the olympics I would get kinda teary eyed because I just knew that had to be the most awesome experience.

5. My husband is the creative one in our family. How often does that happen in a relationship? He's the reason our house is decorated in the way it is.

6. And finally, most of the time I prefer fruit over chocolate. There's just something about that fresh sweet taste!